Cleverness built in as standard.

Smarter voice response systems to enhance your communications.

Interactive voice response


Features: Interactive voice response


Our Dialler features cleverness built in as standard. Working with you, we ensure that your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is delivers an outstanding user experience. We can assist you in setting up your IVR to route inbound calls to match your agents expertise, campaigns or anything else you need.




Jibba Dialler is packed with features. It's even possible to set up an IVR to automate your customer experience  cutting out the need to speak to an agent, this can be utilised for things such as bill paying or relaying recorded information.

Having an advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system in your business tailored to match your needs and your customers needs will have a huge positive impact on the operational efficiencies of your business and also how your customers see you.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience

Being a business owner, you know that one of the top priorities is to make sure your customers get the best quality service at all times, and Jibba Dialler can help deliver that. As business scales upwards, so can our system, continuously improving your operations and making sure your customers get the best experience.


Designed for your customers

Designed with Customers in Mind


Working closely with you to fully enhance the customer Journey. We will help you achieve your goals by designing and building an IVR platform assist you reaching them.


Enhanced Efficiency


By filtering calls so that your teams are only dealing with relevant calls rather than screening calls and fowarding them on to other departments within your business, you will be maximising the most optimum use of your time.


Quality Customer Service


Well designed and easy to follow, our IVR system will  provide your customers with an solution that enables them complete the tasks or get the information quicker and easier making their lives a liitle bit easier.





Why choose Jibba Dialler?
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Boost Productivity

Jibba Dialler call centre solutions will fit your business perfectly. Your teams will be connecting with more customers, making more sales and getting netter results than ever before.

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World Beating

We know what it takes to develop the best hosted dialling solutions to help grow your business.


Performance and Quality

Motitor and improve your performance in real time, monitor, regulate your teams while it is operating live.

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Superior Support

Service is the key to any platform viability. Your Customer satisfaction is the key to our shared success.


SIP & Voip

SIP and VoIP allows users within your business organisation to make any number of calls all over the world. For more info on Jibba Jabba Voip see our VoIP packages.


Powerful Technology

Our innovative predictive dialler has been created to fit into your business flow seemlessly, increasing efficiencies and helping to reduce your costs.


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