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Don't be alarmed but its theorised that 20% of all UK businesses will suffer from systems failure at least once. This can have a profound impact if you are running a call centre affecting revenue and negatively impacting on your customers. So if the worst happens don't worry our advanced features will soon get you back on track and working again.



Disaster Recovery

Jibba Dialler's disaster recovery systems utiilse the cloud to make sure that your dialler stays the course. If the worst happens and disaster strikes, we can provide access to data and telecommunications to assist you in carrying on you operations. Being Cloud based helps ensure that your business downtime is reduced as much as possible.

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Key Benefits

Disasters come in many forms. They are unpredictable and can be viruses, security breaches or even hardware failures, not to mention mallicious acts such as theft. Then you have the increase in natural disasters such as floods or storms in recent years. If your business falls to a disaster you might lose revenue, data, customer confidence and even your business reputation.

Approximately 90% of businesses that lose data close within 2 years so it is vital that you have a solid disaster recovery plan in place.



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Security Guaranteed


Our systems and contents are backed up nightly in across different locations. In the event of anything going wrong, we will have you back and working as soon as possible, often within hours.

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Tailored To You


Jibba Dialler will offer you a disaster recovery and business continuity plan if you need it. We will tailor it to your anticipating risk factors and develop appropriate systems to mitigate them.

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Maximise Agent Productivity


Your agents can work from any location anywhere in the world. Thanks to our Cloud systems your workers can get to what they need, wherever they may be.





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Boost Productivity

Jibba Dialler call centre solutions will fit your business perfectly. Your teams will be connecting with more customers, making more sales and getting netter results than ever before.

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World Beating

We know what it takes to develop the best hosted dialling solutions to help grow your business.


Performance and Quality

Motitor and improve your performance in real time, monitor, regulate your teams while it is operating live.

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Superior Support

Service is the key to any platform viability. Your Customer satisfaction is the key to our shared success.


SIP & Voip

SIP and VoIP allows users within your business organisation to make any number of calls all over the world. For more info on Jibba Jabba Voip see our VoIP packages.


Powerful Technology

Our innovative predictive dialler has been created to fit into your business flow seemlessly, increasing efficiencies and helping to reduce your costs.


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