A Call Centre Dialler system doesn't have to be complicated.

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Call Centre Solutions from the Cloud

A Call Centre Dialler system doesn't have to be complicated and with that in mind Jibba Dialler's cloud call centre system means there is no need for new hardware and IT infrastructure, freeing up your IT resources means less hardware to update and maintain. The bonus point of this is that in turn they have more time to concentrate your call centre's operational needs and can focus on delivering efficiencies at scale.

Remember, our call centre system is it is fully maintained by by our Jibba Dialler team instead of you which leaves you free to concentrate on what you need to.

Call centre solutions


Enjoy greater flexibility with Cloud-based working

A great advantage of a cloud-hosted call centre is that they grant extra flexibility. You can run your call centre the way you want to giving your teams the capability to work anywhere you can get an internet connection. Home working is seemless and you can recruit the people most suited to the role, no matter their geographic location in the world.

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Our network is built to handle large amounts of call centre traffic, Jibba Dialler gives you reliable, stable and supreme connections. Connections are made at the most optimum dialling speeds at a solid and reliable service quality.

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The Benefits

Our cloud-based predictive dialler empowers you to keep improving your business by allowing your supervisors to manage their agents no completely independent  or where they are in the world magnifying your company’s productivity and profitability. It is the best way to improve your contact centre business.


Transtioning to the Cloud

With the call centre industry experiencing exponential growth these past years many big companies in many different industries have entered the business knowing that it willl enable them to reach their customers more effectively.



Why choose Jibba Dialler?
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Boost Productivity

Jibba Dialler call centre solutions will fit your business perfectly. Your teams will be connecting with more customers, making more sales and getting netter results than ever before.

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World Beating

We know what it takes to develop the best hosted dialling solutions to help grow your business.


Performance and Quality

Motitor and improve your performance in real time, monitor, regulate your teams while it is operating live.

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Superior Support

Service is the key to any platform viability. Your Customer satisfaction is the key to our shared success.


SIP & Voip

SIP and VoIP allows users within your business organisation to make any number of calls all over the world. For more info on Jibba Jabba Voip see our VoIP packages.


Powerful Technology

Our innovative predictive dialler has been created to fit into your business flow seemlessly, increasing efficiencies and helping to reduce your costs.


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